Social media has made getting in touch with clients easier, so here's how to capitalize on it.

Elon Musk has roughly 60 million Twitter followers while Tesla has about 11 million. Social media is a reflection of how people feel about the brand or person when they choose to follow them. Elon, a social-media-savvy tech billionaire, is obviously more popular than Tesla. It shows that the public is more interested in the person behind the brand than the brand itself. This person can directly influence the success of the business.

Why is this?

Before social media took traditional marketing for a whirl, Zig Ziglar used to say, 

“People buy on emotion, and justify with logic.”

Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. Elon Musk believes it, so he’s sharing his message, and people are listening. 

As customers, we’re going to take the word of someone that we know and trust and act on the information of someone that seems to be a professional in their field. 

What kind of person does a consumer connect with so strongly that they’re motivated to put their money on the line? 

The face behind the brand is important

As consumers, we want to be current. Things change quickly and we often rely on influencers to keep us up to speed. The internet is loaded with brands all competing for their customers’ attention. Staying up to date with current industry trends can help your brand become more competitive. Building a versatile brand that meets the ever-changing needs of our consumers helps your brand stand out.

Humanizing a company through a single influential face is one way to do this. An influencer can more easily adapt to trends and knows what it takes to make solid content that will “stop the scroll”. This adaptability is a quality that companies need in a constantly evolving market. 

The face behind the brand needs to have experience with the product

The effectiveness of the face behind the brand concept is competitor market research. Identify what other brands offer and whether or not other businesses address the current needs of their consumers.

People will follow an influencer on social media, and they’ll see how a product is used in everyday life since that’s what they do best. Putting a face behind the brand gives the audience a relatable person to connect with. As they grow to appreciate this person, they increasingly engage with the brand and help the business.

The face behind the brand can offer expertise

Thanks to Instagram and TikTok, it’s easier for brands to have "faces" that the public can relate to. Businesses can use these people by having them post videos featuring their brand and, in turn, your brand gets the attention it needs through social-media platforms.

One example of this is Gary Vee. He used TikTok while it was still a growing platform and worked his way through the competitive influencer world of Instagram.

He in turn gave authoritative advice during these financially hard times, growing his Instagram and TikTok following to 9.2 million and 8.9 million. He built an online reputation with insightful posts and a kind attitude, all the while giving exposure to his "Vee" brand.

By taking advantage of these free social media platforms and simply being himself, Vee became a relatable face behind his brand. 

The person behind the brand is recognizable

It can be hard for many to relate to a faceless brand. Adding a human face will allow people to recognize and associate with your company, which is an effective way to make your audience resonate with your business.

Customers prefer engaging with another person instead of a completely abstract entity. They will be loyal to someone that’s accessible, relatable, and inspirational.  

A person is easier to remember than a logo unless you’re McDonald’s or Apple. When a consumer recognizes the face behind the brand, he or she will connect the message to the product.

The person behind your brand is how people build a relationship with your business

We may not ever be an Elon Musk but we can drive a car like his. Tesla drivers may be logical and well-informed, but their car makes them happy. They’re connecting to a new Tesla community and believe that they’re making the world a better place in the process.

Nobody wants to be just a number and your customers want to be heard and seen as individuals. They crave emotional connection like all of us and as obvious as it sounds- people connect with people. 

Ultimately, this is why you need a face behind your brand. 

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